November 6 2015 - It's over. Together we raised almost $1,700 for 14 different charities. Students made fantastic charity choices and their contributions will make a difference in other people's lives. As for the race, the weather was reported to be one of the worst weather days in history. At mile 34, due to the weather, I decided that it was not my day. I regret nothing; sometimes plans don't work out. If you are a student reading this never let a challenge, deter you from trying. As far as I'm concerned this was a success because you helped me help your community. Watch for my 100 Before I'm 100 campaign slated to begin sometime in 2065!

Near the end of my middle school years, I volunteered in a nursing home for a summer. It was my first significant exposure to community service. That experience taught me giving back to the community was essential and started a life long commitment to charity. As a teacher, and a father, I am in a position to help encourage others to adopt a lifetime of charitable involvement.

In less than a year, I am turning 50. Before I turn 50, I want to run a 50 mile race. I want to use my race to help encourage students to donate to a charity they care about. Student involvement in this endeavor, and student charitable donations, will help get me through all 50 miles of the Chicago 50 Mile Ultra race on October 31st, 2015.

To help encourage students to donate to charities of their choice, my family will match the first 50 donations up to $50 each. Here is how the match works:

1. Matched donations must come from Karrer Middle School students. (I understand that parents may have to make the donation using their credit cards or checking accounts!)

2. Matched donations must go to 501c-3 charities. Your parents can help you with this!

3. Matched donations can not go to individuals or various social networking fund sites like Go Fund Me.

4. Matched donations can't go to religious institutions or religious charities.

5. Students must send me proof of their donations from the charities, with any private information blacked out, to levine_kevin@dublinschools.net. The proof should include the donation amount and the address, or website, of the charity so my family can send in a matching donation. All matched donations will be made in honor of the student.

6. I will list all donors and donations on a mural outside my classroom.

7. When more than 50 donations come in, those donors will be on the donor wall, but my family won't be able to match more than 50 donations (sorry, I'm only a teacher!).

So students find a cause you are passionate about, make a donation to a charity, and let me know! My family is ready to match your donations and I'm getting ready to run! The greater community needs your support and I'll need your support to finish the 50 miler.

Donations to date - $1,697

Current Donor List

Joey "Vicky" Taylor - Epilepsy Foundation
Mackenzie "Highers" Lowers - Children's Tumor Foundation
Abby "Babby" Starrett - Ronald McDonald House
Matt "Thor" Harris - Ronald McDonald House
"Princess" Leah Finley - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Joey "Cut it" Hackett - Pelotonia
"Just" Sarah Johnson - Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
Unni Shreram - Capital Area Humane Society
Alison "I Don't Care" Chillson - Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
Chris "Christoff" Humphrey - Nationwide Children's Hospital
Andrew Heins - Food Allergy Research and Education
Sydney Blake - American Brain Tumor Association
Jake "Juke" Edwards - Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
Rahul Srinivas - American Red Cross
Colby "Cheezy" Kern - Coats4kids
Zane McCanless - Habitat for Humanity
Anam "Unum" Dewani - St. Jude's Children's Hospital