Mr. Levine is an extraordinary human being bestowed with exceptional looks, intelligence and wit; at least that is what Mr. Levine believes.

BSBA Marketing - Ohio State 1989
MBA - Capital University 1993
Math/Science 4-9 Education License - Ohio Dominican University 2003

Education Awards:
Student Teacher of the Year - Ohio Dominican University 2003
Dublin Community Champion Award 2012
Dublin City Schools Golden Shamrock 2013

Home Life: Mr. Levine has been married over 20 years (yes, Mr. Levine is old) to Mrs. Levine. He has three children. Gavin (14) and Gray (21) are his sons. Lila was Mr. Levine's daughter who died before her third birthday.

Why Teach: Prior to joining Dublin City Schools Mr. Levine worked in the technology industry for 13 years selling hardware, software, and services to fortune 500 companies. However, Mr. Levine always worked with children during his high school and college years. Mr. Levine decided to leave the tech industry and return to working with children after his daughter died. Mr. Levine likes to help children reach their potential and prove that everyone can do well in math and science. Mr. Levine loves math and science!

Why Teach Middle Schoolers: Most likely there is something wrong with Mr. Levine, because he will tell you that this is the best age to work with. When Mr. Levine worked in residential camping, he enjoyed working with 6th-8th graders and he still does.

Anything Else: Mr. Levine isn't that interesting, but you can always contact him with questions at