Chapter 4 vocabulary quizlet

4.1 Factors and Prime Factorization

4.2 Greatest Common Factor

Video below: Finding the GCF using Prime Factorization (and review of prime factorizing)

The video below: Using the upside down birthday cake for finding the GCF

The video below: Finding the GCF of Monomials with upside down cake

4.3 Simplifying Fractions

The video below: Simplifying a Variable Expression

4.4 Least Common Multiple

The videos below: Finding the LCM using Prime Factorization

The video below: Finding the LCM of Monomials using the Birthday Cake

4.5 Comparing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

The video below: Comparing Fractions using the LCD

4.6 Rules of Exponents

The video below: Multiplying Powers

The video below: Dividing Powers

The videos below: Simplifying Fractions with Powers

4.7 Negative and Zero Exponents

The video below: Zero and Negative Exponents

The video below: Examples of Simplifying Variable Expressions

4.8 Scientific Notation

The video below: Explanation and Writing of Numbers in Scientific and Standard Notation