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Don't lose your hair over test stress! Just do your homework and you'll be fine.

Welcome to my science and math wiki. Below is the question I hear most often and a shorter version of my answer.


You are learning this because it is part of the curriculum that the State of Ohio told me is important to teach you. You are learning this because you will be tested on this information by me, by Dublin City Schools, and by the state of Ohio. You are learning this in order to succeed in upper level math and science classes, but those are not the most important reasons AND IT'S NOT WHY I TEACH. You are learning this because THESE SKILLS, THESE PRACTICES WILL TRAIN YOUR MINDS TO ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS, TO ORGANIZE IMPORTANT DATA, TO DISREGARD UNIMPORTANT DETAILS, TO THINK CRITICALLY, TO ANALYZE INFORMATION, AND TO COMMUNICATE YOUR FINDINGS EFFICIENTLY, EFFECTIVELY, AND WITH CONFIDENCE. DOING WELL IN MATH AND SCIENCE WILL MAKE YOU VALUABLE TO EMPLOYERS, BUT IF YOU CAN ORGANIZE INFORMATION, ANALYZE INFORMATION, THINK CRITICALLY, AND COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY, YOU WILL BE INCREDIBLY VALUABLE...AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE LEARNING THIS!

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On Line Science TextbooksStudents use the same user id and password that they use to access Digits, but it is NOT the digits site.

The Physics Classroom - an excellent site, albeit a bit advanced, for students to enrich themselves.

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